Astounding Highway

Man-made forest

Bohol Fun Trip: You’re  definitely  making a wrong turn if you don’t want to take this route going to and from the famous chocolate hills.

Location: Bohol, Philippines


10 thoughts on “Astounding Highway

    • Hi Fred, Yes, trees are mahoganis and here’s my research about this magnificent forest.

      The plan to reforest took seed under then governor Conrado Marapao in 1947 and was molded stronger by then governor Jacinto Borja who found it necessary to rationalize the reforestation program for the mountain areas in Bohol , including, of course this portion. Streaks of sunlight create interesting shafts of lazer like lights drawing a kaleidoscope of patterns on the zooming windshield as trees whiz by the van’s tinted windows. Then governor Jacinto Pajo in 1958 carried the seedlings of what would later be called the Loboc Watershed Reforestation Project (LWRP) (Source:

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