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Another exciting photo blog post and this time it’s a competition of colors that is worth £2000 . But for me, I just want to share my photos to everyone and not hoping to be the chosen one because there are lots of high caliber photographers in here who are more pros and with a lot of good photos with good stories. Anyway before previewing  mine, let me first say, Thank you thebudgetwanderers for nominating my blog and for believing in me.

Upon digging up some of my travel and nature photos, it’s time to scroll down and take a look what I’ve got.


A wildlife park in the middle of the busy city (Quezon city) here in the Philippines, where it is also a place for relaxation, family bonding and more. With aviary and zoo section for kids and kids at heart would enjoy watching live wild animals from a variety snakes, turtles, lions and even the smallest lizard can be found here. The park is open all day from 8AM to 5PM.


This green intentionally made forest in Bohol, was planted after the world war 2, a man-made forest that are now known for its beauty in the region the untouched greens along the highway is extremely refreshing. This particular spot is one of most tourists favorites.


Chocolate Hills in Bohol, they call it “chocolate” because of its color during summer, but during the time I went there the hills were almost all yellow, I had the chance to travel down south in the Visayas region in the Philippines and gladly Chocolate hills was one listed in my travel life book. About thousands of these kind of hills existed in the province. For the people living there, This wonderfully made gifts will always be the best forever and as their pride and pristine beauty of a true Boholanos.


What could be more adventurous than this?  After almost an hour 4×4 ride going to the drop-off point, our hike begun  to the crater of the volcano (Mt. Pinatubo)  and not just full of adventures but also full of excitements. This white wall-like background is not a solid rock, it is a wall of dried lava formed into a wall, mountaineers are not allowed to do a loud voice or a form of shouting when passing through this area because of the weak  foundation of the wall (lava) it is easily breaks down /landslide whenever there’s a vibration so everyone was so quiet then and at rush going to the top. By the way the walls are gray and white.


Caracol festival, a festive way of celebrating Makati City’s foundation day through colorful mardi gras  and street dancers represented each Barangays and schools, Caracol is also one of tourists favorite events in the metro. They close avenue of the business district just to give way to these lovely and lively performances from all ages. Celebrating culture and dramatizing eco life.

So there you go, I  have just toured  you to my lovely, adventurous, refreshing and colorful country, The Philippines.

Here are my nominees that I believe they can share good photos too:

Lesly Carter of Bucket List Publications

Elisa of Autumn in Bruges

Lisa of longphotography

Dmitrii of

Xandre Verkes of Xandre Verkes

To all participants please take time to read terms and conditions or visit capture the colour for more datails.


8 thoughts on “Capture the Colour

  1. Congratulation on getting this tag. I love this particular award! You know that I’ll love the images here as I have gone to Bohol.

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