Flying to and from the Asia’s Latin City the wet way


Leaving NAIA terminal (manila)

My first time boarding an aircraft during heavy downpour, the plane left Manila bound for Zamboanga at 11 am without hesitation. I was thinking of getting out  of the plane while it is still attach on the tube but then after few or 3 minutes the attendants finally closed the doors and announces departure. Oh my, it was like my brain and heart talking together telling me dude this is it, welcome to the water in the mid air.

Same experience as I bid goodbye at the airport of Zamboanga City  bound for Manila after 3 days  heavy rain but normal weather. But this time it’s kinda refreshing because of the great experience I’ve had in the city.


The City hall building during Christmas


Fort Pilar


Zamboanga International Airpot (PAL and CEBU PACIFIC AIR)



Leaving Zamboanga at 7am

Learn more about zamboanga City and how to Get there click here


3 thoughts on “Flying to and from the Asia’s Latin City the wet way

    • That’s terrifying, yeah my friends and I also experienced a very bad weather condition mid air, we took the flight kalibo-manila and I thought that was the so called the end my journey lol. But the flight I had going to Zamboanga was so smooth, no sign of typhoon tho just heavy rain.

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