Latuan, Simplicity of life and colors at its best


A not so far community (barangay) in the eastern part of Zamboanga City where farming plays the major role of all the locals living here. A very simple, calm and fresh life can be found here,  far from the busy  traffic and rude pedestrians. I grew up and had my grade school life, my parents, relatives and some childhood friends are living here, this is our place Latuan.

552792_102612506546770_1268381765_nLatuan Elementary School


COPRA (Coconut Farming)


Community Chapel

The only thing that I clearly remember until now is my school life way back 1991-96, years where I first learned my ABCs and 123 had my first crush until I bid goodbye in 1996 to pursue my High School and partial College  years in  the city then moved to Manila to finish my Marketing course and to work as well.

Back to my Latuan life, the most exciting thing I’ve done during grade school is the “Cutting Classes period” out of curiosity and due to some call of adventure in life, I was  able to cut class not ones but I think 5 times just to be with  some good classmate of mine who are into cutting classes too and our meeting place is the cave near our school, we were like Katipuneros meeting and planning together discussing the policies regarding the group we have a lot of dos and don’ts but we only came up with one DO (enjoy the rest of the day if you skip classes) Don’t ( Don’t tell your Mom/Dad  about  it). But I am proud to say that I graduated with honors.

In my own knowledge  Latuan has only Two or Three caves, until 2012 I’ve read some articles about Latuan Caves and even seen some photos of it Latuan has a total of 100 Caves although some caves are in need to be rehabilitated but as far as the local tourism is concerned Latuan has the most number and beautiful caves within region 9. And my thirst for real adventure had inched up again looking forward for some good times.

Rehabilitation and Re-beautification

One must have the passion and love towards everyone and have the courage to do better and better.

403379_102623159879038_1683008899_nOne must be like  Ms.Eden Endino Falcasantos a teacher, a mother. A woman behind “Latuan Barangay” in Cyber Space. She works hand-in-hand with  the people of Latuan every Saturday targeting one goal. What is their goal?  It is “A beautiful Latuan for all”.


376537_425706574143829_1385025415_nLatuan Cave

580534_493720937342392_2007364686_nNewly installed Cross atop the hill near the school and Catholic chapel

Through Ms. Eden and the good people of Latuan, I have this strong feeling that the new face of the place will soon be bloom anytime. For now Ms. Eden is appealing to each and everyone a  more  cooperation from time to anything that the people could contribute. And I as a teller, I would like to ask my readers a suggestions or thoughts on this.  Thank you.. Let’s celebrate what the world offered to us.

Photos Courtesy of Ms.Eden Endino Falcasantos

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