Caving is more fun in Latuan

Barangay Latuan, the Cave capital of Zamboanga.

542509_385019231545897_969780158_nLatuan Rice field and the Jalon Cave

Locals said that the Jalon Cave  is “the graveyard of Subanon people” long time ago. Like most other caves in the Philippines specially in the Northern part of Luzon, tribes used to leave dead body inside the cave as their belief and customs. So if you happen to do some caving activity in Latuan, consider  the Jalon Cave  and discover history on your own because  it (cave) is not yet been authenticated by any agency concerned so be the first.

537630_385025091545311_1392854401_nHistory and story behind this rock formation. Can you see anything?


542370_385020171545803_1032885640_nAt the mouth of the Cave

More Caves, stories  and photos behind the green Latuan soon.

Photos courtesy of Ms.Eden Endino Falcasantos

4 thoughts on “Caving is more fun in Latuan

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  2. Another new in the Philippines? The second photo is so much stunning I dunno, the formation has something to do with past indeed, the story and history of it. Dude you have a very nice place. Any tour package? city-site-city deal? let me know.

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