Oasis of Refreshing Views and Experience


It is probably one of the most beautiful sites I’ve been here in the Philippines.

Davuy, – can be found in  the middle of the hilly side located in far eastern part of Vitali in  Zamboanga. An uncomparable community so to speak, a place of well-bonded people with strong relationship towards God aged with positive vibes, where people are working together for the   future of their place and future generations to come.

People are living the simplest way they could, farming plays as major source of their income although some are into habal-habal driving also. As what I have observed, for every united community I’ve been, there’s always a good spot behind it just like what I have discovered. For people living here it is just so ordinary to them as it has been part of their lives ever since, but for us especially me who happened to experience and see the beauty of it for the first time it’s awe-inspiring. Davuy has the potential to be the apple of the eye maybe not now but we can never tell maybe later or tomorrow.



5988_479924865428423_1369665191_nI am agog for more of this place..

Hasta La Vista


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