GREEN is the Color of Extreme Adventure

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It is summer here in the Philippines, the season for vacations and company outings so to speak, some are flying abroad, some can find in the beach, but our team have decided to make a detour and headed our way first to the Adventure park called TreeTop Adventure in Subic before heading to the Hotel for a staycation.

Tree Top Adventure is the first and the only adventure park in the Philippines and in Asia has motorized adventure rides such as the Canopy ride , Superman Ride, Silver Surfer, and Parachute drop.

But the Most extreme of them all is the Tree Drop  it is not motorized but it is carefully manned by trained staff.

There are lots of activities can be done inside the park aside from enjoying the rides and extreme activities, Tree top adventure has Motorized Team Building Facility, and take note, the Only Team Building Facility in the Philippines. Motorized facilities like The Dragon Boat, Bar Balancer, Dance Revo,  Team Cycling and Centipede Pedals,  these are the motorized activities. They also have other team building activities but not motorizedsuch as Team Lanyard, Loop Lift, Multi-line Traverse, Team Wall, Spike Valley, and Centipede pedals. These activities were designed to engage values (patience,coordination, communication and etc.) which can be best exercised in groups.   


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