Lovin’ Jomalig: Discovering the lonely but not alone

Jomalig Island shore

Have you ever had a dream  of seeing yourself walking in a place where you can tell your story of who you really are? Well, I found it! an Island where you can make your story too, a story as beautiful as the pristine nature situated in one of the great islands in Quezon Province, the Jomalig Island.

ferry to jomalig island

Our more than 9 hours travel from manila was paid off by the vibrant scenery of the humble island, a place where unparalleled beauty of the land and water intertwined with blue skies and freshest air in the world I believe, heaven on earth indeed.

Jomalig Port.jpg



I love Jomalig.jpg

The Perks of Life

I was privileged to swing around Jomalig Island on our first day right after we arrived at Jojomalig Resort.  I was luckily with a group with the same interests and passion, so everything went crazy as it should.

We were able to visit Canaway Islets and Little Boracay where you can find the best spots for photo shoots also we enjoyed the waves and appreciates the beauty of the marine lives all in 4 hours.

Bellow are random photos taken in different  locations and time.

Jomalig Island 1



jomalig 3.jpg

jomalig 4.jpg


swimming in jomalig.jpg

little batanes.jpg

Little Batanes

Jomalig water

Puracay Beach Resort.jpg

Purcay Beach resort 2.jpg


jomalig tourguide.jpg

Island hopping in Jomalig.jpg

untached isad

There are lots of beautiful attractions stored in Jomalig Island for you to discover and experience it first hand.

I suggest you must visit Jomalig now before August ends but if you are adventurous enough to play with the aggressive waves back and forth Real, Quezon,  the sea will surely be welcoming you with cheers from September to March.

waves in Jomalig.jpg

The highlight

Every beautiful place has its “somehow” sad story to tell and Jomalig Island has its own to share. As we all know Jomalig Island is one of the farthest island from mainland Quezon Province with population of more or less 8000, the smallest island in the province and in terms of population.

To make our stay in Jomalig Island extremely memorable and the highlight of all, we volunteered ourselves to give love to some 50 unprivileged school children in the island. School supplies was donated by some individual and also donated by NutriAsia Inc.  Aside from giving school supplies, the group also prepared a little something to eat and initiated fun and engaging games to celebrate the day. Thank you so much donors.


As a messenger of hope we made sure that every single donation should really go to the needy ones and we did it. This cause is also a call for action to all travelers whether  travel bloggers or Pinoy island lovers to spare a precious time to locals in need.

Isn’t it beautiful to hear that Filipinos do travel with a cause? Our country has thousands of islands to discover and we have hundreds of thousands of travelers, can you imagine how sufficient we are in terms of helping our fellows while enjoying the beauty of our own land? So fantastic to hear and see that not just Jomalig Island will rise due to selfless help of travel enthusiasts but the rest of the islands in the Philippines.

school kids

Thanks to Jungie Gumiran for spearheading this Lovin’ Jomalig experience,  beyond wonderful experience indeed. I, as a nature lover and with passion to help others, pledge to help and to be part of this fun loving group of travel bloggers with a cause. I may not be a good story teller but the experience and pleasure to help others is more than a good story to share, it’s priceless. You too can be part and or make a good story with us and share it to the world what Jomalig Island can offer and  inspire your friends and readers  to offer to the needy school children in Jomalig Island in return.

On September 2017,  we are going back to Jomalig Island to bring more and hoping to have you on board our team whether as a sponsor or as volunteer of change.  Let us help them (School children) realize their ambition by giving them the tools to lighten up their path to where ever they may go in the name of dream. I hope and pray that one or two can step up and spare even a single pad of paper or pencil for these kids in Jomalig Island. Highly appreciated if you could drop me a message if you want to be part of their beautiful and colorful ambitions. Thank you.


The Team

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

C.S. Lewis

Our immeasurable happiness doesn’t rely on the financial level that we have, it only takes genuine company to share our memories with and make the best out of it. Inspire, believe and motivate.

We travel to explore the best of both worlds, the friendship we make and the passion to discover the beauty of nature that God has given to us.


L-R: Bianca, Chris, Charm in White, Charisse, Jungie inBlue, Mark in white, Lance and Glen.


We travel not just to discover new place but to also discover friendship.

How to get there?

From Manila to Real Port, Quezon

Take Reymond Bus or VAN coming from Nagtahan leaving at 11:30PM  and 1:00AM so you can catch the first trip of fast craft and second trip of fisherman’s boat going to Jomalig Island.

From Real Port to Jomalig Island



Mercraft  (Fast Craft) departs Real Port at 6:30AM sharp and arrives at 10:30 or 11:00 AM depending on the weather. Fare is Php400.00/way without meals even a piece of candy to chew 🙂

The Fisherman’s boat departs Real port at 7:30 or 8:00 AM and arrives at 1:00 PM. The fare is Php400.00  with fisherman’s meal (how lovely).

Where to stay?

Beach resorts are everywhere, with your Php250.00 per head or  Php500.00 per cottage you can have  a very relaxing night to enjoy with loved ones or fiends. Jojomalig Resort is one of the resorts where you can consider your home for a day or two or forever.


There are available Habal-habals to tour you around Jomalig Island from shore to shore where you can visit the tree of #WalangForever, the magroves and a alot more.



12 thoughts on “Lovin’ Jomalig: Discovering the lonely but not alone

  1. Jomalig island looks heavenly! ! I’d wish to go there some day. Your photos are amazing too.I’m glad you had fun

  2. Awwwweee ❤ you really had a good heart to volunteer on the gift giving to the kids. It was indeed the highlight of your trip. I hope someday, I could do the same. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Anj.

      The island hopping was just the perks of life but the opportunity to share something to the needy ones is priceless no matter how big or small.

  3. AH!!! I’ve never been here but your photos looks great! Glad to see a fellow filipino blogger doing good on their craft! 🙂

  4. what an amazing experience! beautiful photos. What a win win to help out those and visit a beautiful, remote location.

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