About this Blog

Capturing photos and experiencing adventures across the Philippines and sharing  them to the world.

Originally, I’ve created this blog only for sharing exciting photos and moments  but as my adventure life evolves I have decided to share it with story, although the photos itself already has its message but conveying more information makes it more inspiring and flavorful in some ways.




21 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Sir, I am not sure if you have heard of “Daraitan” in Tanay Rizal, I think you will love it. Funny that I am suggesting but I have not set foot the place! haha!

    Love your photos! Now I can add them to my “brain image gallery” and wish I am there. Mabuhay! 🙂

  2. Hi Lance, very beautiful and amazing photos you have here. I would like to share some of your photos to our charity organization facebook fan site / website ( http://www.artrelieves poverty.com ) to promote negros to our foriegner volounteers. Thank you so much and more power to you and your passion!

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